Parking Roulette

Having lived in Atlanta before Dallas, we are no strangers to parking garages.  Particularly poorly executed parking garages where there isn’t enough room to drive if a car is going in the other direction.  There are many people in our apartment complex that love to drive 30 mph around the corners of the parking garage so it is a bit like Russian roulette every time you are trying to park.  One time a woman just backed into Taylor.  She wasn’t even in a parking spot.  She was sitting idle in the middle of the garage waiting for someone to come out.  I guess she changed her mind because she just started backing up.  Taylor didn’t find the horn in time and she dinged the front of the car.  I got out to look (it was barely a scratch) and her attempt at an apology? “YOU WERE IN MY BLIND SPOT!”  If that’s true (which it wasn’t) then maybe you should check your blind spots before backing up.

An interesting thing about parking in Dallas is compact car spots.  We saw a couple of them in Atlanta but apparently in Dallas all parking lots and garages have to have a certain percentage of compact car spots.  First of all, these spots are legitimately compact.  We even have trouble fitting our Honda Insight into them.  The issue is that EVERYONE tries to park in them.  What bothers me is when a giant Ford F-150 decides to park in one because he doesn’t want to go up another level and instead takes up parts of the two spaces next to it.  It creates a domino effect that makes everyone look like they parked like an asshole when really it was just the stupid truck.  The thing about the compact spots is that they don’t even enforce it because I’m sure it’s a grey area.  I doubt there is a list out there that states what cars are considered compact and which are not.  Although I assure you that the Ford F-150 is not on the list.  Along with all the SUVs that try to park there too.


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