Baby Shower Gifts

Taylor and I are in San Antonio this weekend, a place that we haven’t been to since our two friends, Mae and Eric, got married.  We had only been dating for 4 days at that time.  Oh young love.  Now Mae is pregnant and her mom was throwing a baby shower yesterday and I was in charge of games and prizes!  I abhor most shower games so there was no smelling of diapers with melted candy bars inside.  Although I did attend a shower like that recently and said I couldn’t participate because of my peanut allergy (finally a silver lining).

Instead of going out and buying prizes I decided to try and make some gifts.  I hope that they seemed more whimsical  and artisan rather than something a 3 year old would do in their preschool class.  I made these bracelets out of t-shirts (that I bought at Michaels, not old ones – that would be gross).

I also assembled some chocolate oatmeal quick bread mixes.  The chocolate didn’t fit in the jar despite the recipe saying EVERYTHING WOULD FIT.  Lies.  So I had to tie a little bag of chocolate chips to the jar.  I also have never made this bread before so hopefully it tastes good.  I don’t know any of these people so they won’t be able to find me and complain.


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  1. Cute! Great ideas; I bet the bread would be delicious. 🙂

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