(Almost) Five Years

This past weekend we went to San Antonio for a baby shower for two college friends, Mae and Eric.  Actually, the shower was “ladies only” so Taylor and Eric were forced to celebrate elsewhere.  I know they were sad that they missed out on Baby Bingo.  I think they went to a strip club.  As I mentioned on Sunday, the last time we had been to San Antonio was for their wedding in May 2007.  The day after their wedding, the bride’s family was nice enough to host a brunch for the wedding party.  It was here that our first picture as a “couple” was taken, merely 5 days after we decided to start dating.  I dug it out of the Facebook archives to compare to one we took in the exact same spot this past weekend.

Taylor looks like a high schooler in the first picture which is probably why he grew a beard before he started teaching.  Also he is wearing his hat backwards which I’m pretty sure he is opposed to now.  He’ll probably claim he just put it backwards for the picture.  As for me there is the obvious difference.  So much hair!  While I am currently growing it back out I don’t think I will be going to this extreme of a length.  I also have better posture.  Overall I would say that we definitely look older but not in a bad way.  I probably won’t want to do anymore 5 year comparisons because at some point they probably will become depressing.



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4 responses to “(Almost) Five Years

  1. Katie

    Those are really cute pictures of you guys! Sara, your hair looks great in the one from this past weekend! Not to say that it didn’t look great 5 years ago. You know what I mean. 🙂

  2. Ann

    I think you still have that shirt!

  3. Chris

    The two of you look wonderful – so sophisticated!

  4. For the record, we did NOT go to a strip club.

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