San Antonio

San Antonio is about a 4.5 hour drive away, which isn’t bad considering we used to drive between Atlanta and Raleigh all of the time.  There are unfortunately not as many billboards on I-35 which makes the possibility of playing the alphabet game minimal.  My dad used to manage to kick all of our asses in that game despite the fact that he was the one driving.  I do appreciate our parents not letting us win at games although that was probably never a possibility growing up with my mom who would threaten to stop playing Monopoly if we were giggling too much because we “weren’t taking the game seriously”.

We arrived late Friday night and promptly fell asleep at our hotel.  Those black out curtains are very disorienting when you wake up in the morning.  Most of Saturday was spent setting up for and throwing the baby shower.  Mae got a lot of cute baby things including a blanket crocheted by her mother that I wanted to wrap myself in.  That afternoon we went down to the River Walk in downtown.  This is very close to the hotel we stayed in for the wedding 5 years ago and I had forgotten how nice the area is.

The River Walk is an extensive set of paths that run along the San Antonio River.  There are a bunch of restaurants and it can be a little touristy at places but overall is very nice.  Downtown Dallas is like a ghost town compared to this.  We had a late dinner and then went back to the hotel where we accidentally overslept the next morning.  It was those black out curtains I tell you!



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3 responses to “San Antonio

  1. Chris

    You didn’t take Monopoly seriously???? Oh good gosh!

  2. Ann

    That made you the person you are today!

  3. I still have nightmares of making a mistake playing Phase 10 with Ann…

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