Free Coffee and Sodas for Everyone!

Since our merger the new corporate office has been notorious for not paying things on time.  This is embarrassing when a company you bought field sampling supplies from calls to say they never got paid.  It’s fun to have to apologize for other people’s mistakes.

Well it suddenly became a “major issue” when people started to notice the coffee and soda supply in our office was dwindling.  We are fortunate enough to have one of those single serve coffee machines with about 12 different choices for flavors of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.  We also have two fridges in the break room and one of them is filled with pretty much every soda available (except Cherry Lemon Sundrop!).  People in this office live off of this stuff.  I see certain people crack open a soda first thing in the morning (the thought of which makes my teeth hurt).  I see other people drink 5-6 cups of coffee a day.  They look like the girl from Signs with all the different coffee cups around their cubicle.

Then the rumor started spreading that corporate hadn’t paid the last beverage bill so our supplier hadn’t come back.  When I heard this I have to admit that I got excited.  It is fascinating to see people lose it over trivial things like free access to coffee.  Although I know I was guilty of it all through college: YOU SAID FREE FOOD IF WE CAME TO THIS CLUB MEETING.  A BAG OF CHIPS IS NOT FREE FOOD.  I bring my own tea in the morning and only have one cup of coffee in the afternoon so I knew I wouldn’t be the one to break.  As we got down to only the most hated flavors of french vanilla and hazelnut coffee, the vice president exclaimed “I’ll go buy the coffee!  Just tell me where I can get it and I’ll go buy it!”

Unfortunately before anyone could get into too piss poor of a mood and realize their unhealthy dependence on free beverages, the supplier showed up.  It was the best mood I have ever seen the whole office in.


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