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The Crane Guy

We landed back in Dallas on Monday night around 9:30 from our trip to Rochester (which I will talk about later) to a text from my mom that said “Dad says Mockingbird is closed due to a shooter at SMU”.  Both sets of our parents send us important news stories about things happening in Dallas that Taylor and I somehow miss.  Mockingbird is the street our apartment is on and SMU is only one block over.  Nothing like landing after 8 hours of travel and finding out we might not be able to get into our apartment.

It turns out the story was a little off.  Around noon on Monday a man – dubbed “The Crane Guy” – scaled one of the construction cranes being used for the George W. Bush Presidential library (super excited this landmark will be so near to us).  This is not a small crane.  As Taylor and I were driving down the highway that night I could see a bright spotlight pointed at the top of the crane – he still hadn’t come down.  It reminded me of the scene in Dumbo where he is at the top of the building on fire and they have a giant spotlight on him as the wait for him to jump.  Somehow that made it more chilling.  At around 1:30 that night, the police tried to sneak up – which is pretty difficult to do on a crane – and the man climbed over the railing of the crane, held on with two hands, and eventually let go.  It was a 150 foot drop.  I feel multiple emotions over the fact that while I was sleeping happily in my bed only a block away a man took his own life by jumping from a crane.  Once they identified the man it was confirmed that he had a history of mental illness.

I have spent the last half hour trying to end this post without it sounding like a super long PSA for mental illness.  So I’ll just end with this: it’s okay to get help and it sucks that some people don’t have access to it or can’t afford it.


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Body Changes

Did you know cats can get acne?  It appears that Luna is going through puberty.  We noticed a couple of days ago that part of her chin looked a little red and based on our research it is kitty acne which some cats just happen to get.  So we’re cleaning her face with a wet paper towel every day in hopes that it will go away.  Next thing we know she’ll be asking for a razor so she can shave her legs.  She’s just growing up so fast.


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Hey, you’re that guy!

Taylor likes to call me the human IMDB.  We will be watching a movie where a minor actor will be on-screen for five seconds and I’ll say “Oh that’s the guy that played the dad in Transformers” or “hey that was Jack’s British girlfriend on 30 Rock” or “isn’t that the person that died in the first 10 seconds of that other movie?”.  It is never a well-known actor and it baffles both of us.  I never know the person’s name but have a very creepy ability regarding face recognition.  Sometimes I have to pull up IMDB to prove it to Taylor.

This became a personal reality last week when Taylor and I went to Meddlesome Moth to meet up with Eric who was in town.  The bartender took my order and I immediately recognized him but knew it wasn’t from the bar.  It took me about 20 seconds to realize he was one of the other attendants for the cheese class we went to last month.  A class that had thirty people in it.  He didn’t sit at our table.  We didn’t even talk to him.  I just recognized him from that 1.5 hour period.  I asked him just to confirm it but already knew it was true.  I wonder if he found that creepy.

It also makes me wonder if I was staring at him during the class for some excessive amount of time without even realizing it.


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I’m either happy! Or annoyed!

Exclamation points are weird and I try to avoid them in professional settings as much as possible.  This is not the case for several people in my office and I don’t think they fully understand the tone they send with them.  Or maybe they do.  Either way I’m judging them for different reasons.  Last week, one particular guy went overboard with the exclamation points in an email he sent to several people (which consequently had to do with me).

“Sara is going to check what we indicated on our dwgs! I’ll be in the office this afternoon at which time, we’ll send a formal response to the client!”

To which a much higher up person responded:

“Use your exclamation marks frugally…you will run out otherwise”

He also added a winky face at the end..


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The Little Hen

Last week while in North Carolina we went to a new restaurant in Holly Springs called The Little Hen.  I had a delightful meal including a ginger cocktail that Ruth decided was too ginger-y for her so I took it!  Free drink!

I had an egg cake with spring peas over a wheat spaetzle.  I ate the whole thing and shared with no one.


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Last week, Taylor sent me this really cool website.

Basically you select a city that has public transit, type in your address, and select a period of time (like 30 minutes).  It will show you where you can get from that address by public transit in that period of time.  So below you can see where Taylor and I can get on DART (Dallas transit) in 30 minutes from our home.

It’s kind of sad because Dallas is such a huge city with buildings spread apart so you can’t get very far.  If you look at the New York or Boston you can cover the same distances in half an hour but there is much more within that area.  I could actually walk west from our apartment for 30 minutes and be outside the range that public transit can take me.



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North Carolina Excursion

Taylor and I went back to North Carolina this weekend for my cousin’s wedding and to see my whole family.  I have 7 cousins and, including my siblings, our ages range from 21 to 28.  With such a close-aged group we are all reaching new stages in our lives at similar times, resulting in 4 weddings in the past 4 years and 2 coming up in the next year.  I expect babies will be next but maybe Taylor and I will skip right over that to retirement.

I got in late Wednesday night to help prepare for the bridal brunch on Friday morning.  There was a lot of food and the recipes for what I thought were the three best items are below.  This of course excludes Nana’s homemade chicken salad and pimento cheese.  The poor lady shredded chicken for 2 hours:

Crouton Cups with Caesar Salad Filling

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Almond Sheet Cake

Taylor, Katie, and I got up early Saturday morning to drive to Salisbury so that I could finally meet Dudley Johnsen.

I would like an adult size swaddler for anyone making gift lists for me.  Dudley is very adorable despite wanting to cry when I hold him for too long.

That evening was the wedding in downtown Raleigh – which has become a much cooler place than I had realized (photos by the lovely Ruth Jones).

Faelen is in love with Taylor and we think the professional photographer thought he was the father.  I can’t wait for all those pictures to be put online.

After the wedding the majority of the cousins went out to a bar since we’re all finally old enough (JAMES).  I find it amazing that 10 very different people (and their significant others) can get along so well even if we go months without seeing each other.  No one got arrested and people that were unfortunate enough to have to work the next day made it to their job on time.




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