Trinity Hall

A guy I worked with on a project about three months ago told me that he was part of an Irish band that sometimes played at the pub, Trinity Hall, near our apartment.  Since then, I have been watching the schedule for their next appearance.  This past Friday, Taylor and I stopped by to listen to some Irish music and sip a couple of beers.

Despite it being a pub there was a young girl there that I think was a family member of the band.  Every time a super Irish-sounding song started up she would do an Irish dance – the kind with girls lined up in fancy dresses with ringlets, except she was by herself and wearing normal clothes.  After about the 4th time she did this, it started to seem like she had little control over her dancing – her legs would just start pumping before she even fully got out of her chair.  Each time she stopped I could tell she was expecting everyone to applaud which never happened because she would stop in the middle of the song.  No one is going to clap uproariously if the band is still playing.  It wasn’t late enough for anyone to be that drunk yet.


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