Dinner and a Club

This past Saturday Taylor and I went out for someone’s birthday and the invitation noted that we would be going to dinner at 9 and a night club afterwards.  People that know me will understand that I was wary of this.  The idea of having dinner so late is not something my IBS-ridden body appreciates.  Plus, I can count on one hand the number of times that I have been to a club and they mostly involved bachelorette parties.  But we really like the people that invited us so I began to physically and mentally prepare myself for the night ahead.  This included attempting to take a nap that afternoon and eating a small dinner at 6, both of which were enough for me to successfully get through the night without getting sick and/or being the lame person that needed to go home early.

Dinner was at a small Mexican tapas restaurant called Si Tapas.

The food was excellent and I mostly ate a lot of clams in a white wine sauce.  Taylor tried pretty much every tapas that came by us including a cheese plate, giant prawns, tuna, potatoes, pork ribs, artichokes, and mushrooms.  The list seems eclectic but the restaurant was able to tie everything together nicely.

Next was my true Everest as we left to go to the club at around 11:30.  11:30, people!  At this point we usually have been asleep for several hours.  But that night we were walking into Teddy’s Room.  The intent of the club is to be a “modern version of a vintage burlesque speak easy” which I believe they pulled off with the decor but was messed up by the playing of current club music.  I recognized maybe 3 songs the whole time and did not recognize a song that had the words, “You blocked me on Facebook, now you’re going to die.”  How do you dance to those lyrics?  Overall, it was really fun to people watch from the fancy couch that the couple had reserved for our party.  We danced to songs we didn’t know and then left around 1:45.

I do not know how people do this on a weekly basis.  It took all of Sunday for us to recover and that included an intense nap in the afternoon.


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