Bye bye, drought!

Out of the entire state of Texas, only one lake is natural while the rest of them are man-made.  So it is of no surprise that the Dallas area is constantly having drought issues.  Back in December most cities in the area were put on restricted water use.  However, this past month the weather has been mostly mild and we have had a decent amount of rain resulting in the surrounding lakes being brought up to their normal levels.  Today I saw a news article entitled “Bye bye, drought”.  I envision everyone going out and watering their lawns to death as a result.  The title has such finality to it that I think they must have forgotten how freaking hot it gets here.  Every year we get put on drought warning and people seem surprised by this.  If we get another 90-day streak of over three digit temperatures this summer I am pretty sure we will be exactly where we were at the end of last summer.  I still don’t understand how people settled here.

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