North Carolina Excursion

Taylor and I went back to North Carolina this weekend for my cousin’s wedding and to see my whole family.  I have 7 cousins and, including my siblings, our ages range from 21 to 28.  With such a close-aged group we are all reaching new stages in our lives at similar times, resulting in 4 weddings in the past 4 years and 2 coming up in the next year.  I expect babies will be next but maybe Taylor and I will skip right over that to retirement.

I got in late Wednesday night to help prepare for the bridal brunch on Friday morning.  There was a lot of food and the recipes for what I thought were the three best items are below.  This of course excludes Nana’s homemade chicken salad and pimento cheese.  The poor lady shredded chicken for 2 hours:

Crouton Cups with Caesar Salad Filling

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Almond Sheet Cake

Taylor, Katie, and I got up early Saturday morning to drive to Salisbury so that I could finally meet Dudley Johnsen.

I would like an adult size swaddler for anyone making gift lists for me.  Dudley is very adorable despite wanting to cry when I hold him for too long.

That evening was the wedding in downtown Raleigh – which has become a much cooler place than I had realized (photos by the lovely Ruth Jones).

Faelen is in love with Taylor and we think the professional photographer thought he was the father.  I can’t wait for all those pictures to be put online.

After the wedding the majority of the cousins went out to a bar since we’re all finally old enough (JAMES).  I find it amazing that 10 very different people (and their significant others) can get along so well even if we go months without seeing each other.  No one got arrested and people that were unfortunate enough to have to work the next day made it to their job on time.




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2 responses to “North Carolina Excursion

  1. Ann

    A fantastic time was had by all!

  2. Chris

    Love the picture of Taylor & Faelen; the teacher never stops teaching! 🙂

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