Hey, you’re that guy!

Taylor likes to call me the human IMDB.  We will be watching a movie where a minor actor will be on-screen for five seconds and I’ll say “Oh that’s the guy that played the dad in Transformers” or “hey that was Jack’s British girlfriend on 30 Rock” or “isn’t that the person that died in the first 10 seconds of that other movie?”.  It is never a well-known actor and it baffles both of us.  I never know the person’s name but have a very creepy ability regarding face recognition.  Sometimes I have to pull up IMDB to prove it to Taylor.

This became a personal reality last week when Taylor and I went to Meddlesome Moth to meet up with Eric who was in town.  The bartender took my order and I immediately recognized him but knew it wasn’t from the bar.  It took me about 20 seconds to realize he was one of the other attendants for the cheese class we went to last month.  A class that had thirty people in it.  He didn’t sit at our table.  We didn’t even talk to him.  I just recognized him from that 1.5 hour period.  I asked him just to confirm it but already knew it was true.  I wonder if he found that creepy.

It also makes me wonder if I was staring at him during the class for some excessive amount of time without even realizing it.


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  1. Ha! I do the same thing, especially with movies/shows. I, too, have pulled things up online to prove it to Matt.

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