The Crane Guy

We landed back in Dallas on Monday night around 9:30 from our trip to Rochester (which I will talk about later) to a text from my mom that said “Dad says Mockingbird is closed due to a shooter at SMU”.  Both sets of our parents send us important news stories about things happening in Dallas that Taylor and I somehow miss.  Mockingbird is the street our apartment is on and SMU is only one block over.  Nothing like landing after 8 hours of travel and finding out we might not be able to get into our apartment.

It turns out the story was a little off.  Around noon on Monday a man – dubbed “The Crane Guy” – scaled one of the construction cranes being used for the George W. Bush Presidential library (super excited this landmark will be so near to us).  This is not a small crane.  As Taylor and I were driving down the highway that night I could see a bright spotlight pointed at the top of the crane – he still hadn’t come down.  It reminded me of the scene in Dumbo where he is at the top of the building on fire and they have a giant spotlight on him as the wait for him to jump.  Somehow that made it more chilling.  At around 1:30 that night, the police tried to sneak up – which is pretty difficult to do on a crane – and the man climbed over the railing of the crane, held on with two hands, and eventually let go.  It was a 150 foot drop.  I feel multiple emotions over the fact that while I was sleeping happily in my bed only a block away a man took his own life by jumping from a crane.  Once they identified the man it was confirmed that he had a history of mental illness.

I have spent the last half hour trying to end this post without it sounding like a super long PSA for mental illness.  So I’ll just end with this: it’s okay to get help and it sucks that some people don’t have access to it or can’t afford it.


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