Travel Woes

Last Friday we went to DFW airport for our flight to Rochester for Lindsey’s graduation.  Unfortunately there are no non-stop flights to Rochester so we were flying on Delta to LaGuardia and then to Rochester.  Oh Delta, how you disappointed us in so many ways.  Let’s review them, shall we?

  1. Of course three of our four flights were delayed but I didn’t really care about that.  While in Dallas still waiting for our flight we had resigned to the fact that we were probably going to miss our connection in LaGuardia and have to rent a car to drive 5.5 hours through the night.  That would have been fun.  No, the real issue was that nothing was ever updated on the website or even in the terminal.  At 6:15 on Friday it still said our plane was taking off at 5:15.  When we landed in LaGuardia I checked my phone and we had 15 minutes to get to our plane in the next terminal.  I checked the screen in the terminal as we left the plane and it said the same thing.  So we started running.  Here’s a neat piece of information: until Delta finishes building a breezeway between their two terminals, they shuttle people back and forth across the tarmac on a bus.  A tarmac that is way below the level of the terminal.  And instead of having stairs or an elevator like normal people, they have the longest ramp that has ever lived.  With 5 switchbacks.  I would like to think I am a mostly healthy person but I am not a runner.  I seriously thought I was going to vomit by the time I got to the bottom of the ramp.  Upon which I was greeted by a Delta employee telling me in a condescending tone “SLOW DOWN, you’re going to make it”.  I would say that moment falls under the top 5 times I have come closest to punching a stranger.  So we get to the gate and a different flight is displayed.  I ask if the Rochester flight had already left and the gate agent says “Oh that plane hasn’t even arrived yet”.
  2. While in Dallas when we thought we were going to miss our connection the gate agent told us to call the Delta number.  This helpful lady had us all lined up for an American Airlines flight and then said “Oh I can’t book this for you, you’ll have to get the gate agent to do it.”  So we hung up.  The gate agent then told us she couldn’t book it, that we had to call the number.  It was a vicious, unhelpful cycle.
  3. On the way back we had a 3.5 hour layover in LaGuardia which we enjoyed in the Delta Sky Lounge.  Upon landing in Dallas, Taylor checks his email.  He has an email from Delta telling us that our bag didn’t make the flight from LaGuardia to Dallas.  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?  I could have unpacked the entire suitcase at the arrival gate, carried each individual piece of clothing over to the departure gate, and STILL FINISHED IN UNDER 3.5 HOURS!  I had to work from home the next day because the bag needed to be delivered and they couldn’t guarantee that it would arrive before 5 (otherwise we could have just shipped it to my work).

There were some other issues that I won’t get into but Taylor has already contacted Delta to complain and I hope they take it seriously.  This is the first time that we have flown Delta in several years and they have left us in a bad mood (in case you couldn’t tell).


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