Chore Checklist

I recently discovered an app for my phone that has helped me tremendously around the house.  Taylor and I split chores and I have ones that need to be taken care of weekly, twice a month, and monthly.  I have the hardest time remembering when I last did one, especially for those extended chores.  With this app, I can define how often I want a chore to take place and it will give me reminders as the due day approaches.  Once I complete the chore, I will check it off and it will remind me to do it again after the same time period has passed.  If for some reason I do the chore earlier or later, it will remind me to do it the next time based on that date.  That way if I forget to vacuum on Wednesday and do it on Friday, it won’t remind me again until the following Friday.  A minimal thing that has made a huge difference for me.


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