You may have noticed my recent absence which can be attributed to my body deciding to collapse upon itself like a dying star (joke credit: Jan Levenson).  Last Wednesday night I started to not feel well.  12 hours later Taylor and I were leaving the ER with an anti-nausea medication prescription in hand and an IV mark in my arm where I received fluids for 2 hours.  Whether it was food poisoning or a stomach virus, I was exhausted for several days and writing a blog post, particularly a “Foodie Friday” post was out of the question.  But I am all better now and you can add Jason’s Deli and spring rolls to the list of foods I will no longer eat.

On Saturday night while we were in San Francisco, we went to a restaurant called Frances.  Frances is small (about 15 tables) and very difficult to get a reservation.  So Matty, being the resourceful person that he is, called his credit card concierge who proceeded to call the restaurant over and over for almost a week until they gave us a reservation.  Annoying perseverance can get you places.

After eating there I can see why it is such a popular place.  I like a restaurant that has a small menu because it shows that they know what they do best and they focus on that.  So when I opened up the menu and saw only four entrees I knew it was going to be good.  I saved myself for the entree but Taylor, Matt, and Peter shared some bacon beignets and chicken wings – two items that the restaurant managed to make classy.  Taylor had a steak with polenta and mushrooms while I had crepelles – basically a crepe/eggroll combo – stuffed with cheese and spring vegetables.  The cheese has this tartness to it that melded well with the spring vegetables – which included dandelion greens.  It was a great meal that I probably can not recreate so we’ll just have to go back again next time we visit.  Matt should probably let the concierge know.


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