Deep Ellum Brewery

Over a year and a half ago Taylor and I were at an art festival in an neighborhood called Deep Ellum and saw a booth that said “Deep Ellum Brewery”.  We were excited because Dallas does not have many local breweries so we went over to talk to them.  They had a bunch of merchandise but said they were having difficulty securing a location – zoning in Dallas categorizes a brewery as “heavy industrial” which makes things difficult.  Now, a year and a half later, Deep Ellum Brewery finally has a location and sells beer at a lot of the local bars (and also in Austin).  We had multiple visitors last month and took all of them to Deep Ellum Brewery for the Thursday Night Brewery Tour.

We quickly discovered it isn’t really about the tour.  All of the equipment is in one room the size of our apartment.  It would be the equivalent of me holding a “Basketball Court Tour” at a high school gym, standing in one place while I point out the hoops and the bleachers.  The real draw for Thursday nights is you get a pint glass for $10 that you can fill up three times.  For being so small, they still have 4 or 5 beers to choose from that are all very tasty.  Outside of the brewery is a nice sitting area that included live music from some very hippie, good musicians.  My favorite was the band Mr. Bonetangles.

One guys ONLY job was to operate a skeleton marionette that danced along to the music.  As weird as that sounds, and was at first, the guy is a talented marionette-ist* and the music was good.  As I was searching for Mr. Bonetangles I found a video that the band put together which is awesome.  You can see how he makes the marionette dance better than most people, including me.  My favorite part is around 3:45.

Yes, the clown creeps me out too.

*made-up word


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  1. Katie

    That’s awesome! My favorite part in the video was around 4:25 when he really started dancing, and then looked in the hat to see how many tips were in there – ha!

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