Big City Life

On the Fourth of July, Taylor and I were celebrating our independence by watching Jurassic Park.  You would think we would watch Independence Day but you would be wrong.  What is more American than having the freedom to extract dino DNA from a mosquito preserved in amber?  I glanced over to the small courtyard that our apartment faces and asked Taylor, “Is that a bird?”.  But I knew the answer even before he said, “No.  That is definitely a rat.”  Now having lived in Atlanta for 6 years (and Taylor for 8), we have had our share of rats.  I was waiting at the bus stop one morning to go to class and watched a rat run straight towards a student then veer off and hit a wall.  Taylor will tell you a particularly traumatizing story where he and his roommate had to catch a rat that was in his room.  I heard rats running in the ceiling of my bedroom a mere 6 inches from my face as I slept.  But that’s Atlanta.  We were not expecting to see too many here in Dallas, particularly in a courtyard that is completely surrounded by apartments.  This means the rat either scaled down 4 stories of a building (which I tell myself is impossible) or he walked off the street, ran down a hallway that is over 30 feet long, took a left, and ran through the gate to our courtyard.

At first we hoped the rat would disappear.  Oops, did I say rat as in only one?  Rats.  We have confirmed definitely two but we suspect there are at least three.  They live in our courtyard and run around at dusk.  There is a tree in the courtyard that we have seen them climb and they live in a bush at the bottom of it.  We saw one of the rats fight a pigeon.  That is a sentence I never thought I would say.  It has gotten to the point where we will see one, say “rat” out loud, and continue on with whatever we were doing.

Of course Luna does love this.  Every day when the sun is setting, she takes her perch and watches intently for them.  I do think she might go crazy soon though if she can’t actually ever get at one.  Taylor and I would release her out there if we weren’t worried about her catching the Black Death.  I’m sure you’re thinking “Hey, why don’t you tell your super responsive management team?”  Well I did call them two weeks ago and they have fully lived up to our expectations of doing nothing.  Our courtyard is unfortunately not along the route that they take potential residents to show what a super cool place we live in.  So our next plan of action is to entice the rats down the hallway to the large pool area and my hope is that they will be swimming in the pool the next time a potential resident comes through.


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  1. Ann

    And yet you renewed your lease,

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