Color IQ

Taylor found a color IQ test about a month ago (take it here).  There are basically 20 tiles of a very similar color that you have to arrange into a gradient.  It makes your eyes feel fuzzy after awhile but you get a score at the end.  The lower the score, the better.  I got a 7 while Taylor got something in the 20s.  I was pretty proud of my 7 until I read all the comments in the Apartment Therapy article discussing it.  They all pretty much said “I got a zero!” so 7 didn’t seem so cool after that.  Taylor and I did think that my lower score is why I am so good at puzzles.  It drives him crazy that I’ll pick up an all-blue piece that looks to him like 20 other blue pieces but I know exactly where to put it.



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4 responses to “Color IQ

  1. Chris

    I will make you feel better… mine ws 31… worse than Taylor! Guess I can stop trying to decorate now…

  2. Kimber

    I took it, and I can’t lie….I got a 0.

  3. Anna

    Dont hate me, I got 0 too. Fun! thanks for sharing 😀

  4. Kimber and Anna, I’m glad you guys got zero because I was suspecting all the people on Apartment Therapy were just lying to look cool. And since this blog doesn’t have a bajillion followers I would assume you aren’t lying. The three of us should enter a puzzle competition together – with our color hue recognition we would totally kill it!

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