Olympic Gold

Hi.  I know I have been delinquent in my duties as a blogger, but here I am trying to make amends with you interwebs.  I’ve been very busy this summer accumulating stories for this blog, and I hope to actually share some of them with you over the weeks.

Today I will brag on myself a little bit.  If you know me you know I don’t like to talk about myself or my accomplishments, but I guess I can talk about this a little since it’s been taking up a lot of my time as of late.  This past Sunday I ran the “Hottest Half” half marathon in Dallas.  Aptly named, as any running endeavor in Texas during August is pretty much the hottest running you could ask for in the continental US of A.  This is 1 of 4 (maybe 5) half marathons I will be running between now and April 2013.  I’ve enjoyed the training, and despite the temperatures during the last 3 miles or so, had a great run this past weekend.  I’m hoping to improve a bit each time.  I don’t have any hopes of being an Olympic athlete (if I did it’d be in the 20k racewalk, my new favorite Olympic sport) but I think I can improve myself through diligent training.

As a 2012 Olympic Bonus to this blog, I leave you with McKayla Maroney teaching Jenna Bush how to Dougie.  I like to imagine why these people were ever put in the same place, let alone why that place was on top of a double decker bus in London with video cameras…

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  1. Chris

    Jenna definitely doesn’t do the dugie! Perhaps the bent elbow is more her style.

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