Oak Cliff

On Saturday I went to brunch in an area of Dallas called Oak Cliff.  It is an older area of town that has a bunch of great restaurants and some shops but is about a 20 minute drive so we don’t get over there too often.  Well after Taylor’s half marathon on Sunday we ended up back over there for brunch.  And despite his tired little leggies, I convinced him to walk around to a couple of the shops with me.  Below are a couple of the places we visited.

Oddfellow’s: A very popular brunch location that has tons of brunch options for pretty cheap.  Any place that offers cheese grits is good to me.

Tillman’s: Where we went to brunch on Sunday after the wait at Oddfellow’s was an hour and a half.  Yes, that place is so good I was willing to go there two days in a row.  Tillman’s was a good consolation prize though – the creamer for my coffee came out in a tiny little ceramic cow.  Which I saw later that day on the Bed Bath and Beyond site.

Dirt: A florist that specializes in succulents – a type of water-retaining plant that easily adapts to arid climates (you might find this exact phrase on Wikipedia).  You only have to water it once a month so we think it will be a good start for us.

Green Pet: The cat section for the pet store was small but what they had was good stuff.  I bought Luna some very crinkly sounding balls for only 99 cents – a small price to pay to see her eyes dilate immediately upon hearing the crinkling.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate: This is a relatively new local chocolate shop.  They have a lot of very interesting fudge and toffee flavors – the next one we plan on trying is the Albatross which is dark chocolate fudge with blue cheese and sea salt.  Some of you probably think that sounds disgusting but it is apparently very popular so it must taste good.  I bought Taylor some fudge with coffee beans in it for him to have after his half marathon.  He was kind enough to share.

Do you really think I have any fudge left for a picture?


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