Lightening Storm

On Tuesday night we had a storm that started before we went to bed and wasn’t done until we got up the next morning.  It was some much needed rain and as annoying as lightening can be while you are trying to sleep, there is something oddly comforting to me about low rumbles of thunder.  Luna is no longer scared of thunder and it actually seemed to energize her throughout the night.  When she starts sprinting around at night we just spray her with a water bottle as she runs by.  I wish I could get a video of this because I imagine we look quite comical half asleep trying to spray water in a general direction.  Click through HERE to see an awesome photograph an artist did compiling all the lightening throughout last night.  I repeat: this is a compilation of the lightening and did not all happen at once (clarification for our mothers who will see this and think we almost died because 40 lightening bolts struck at once).


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  1. Chris

    AMazing picture! I am awed by those who think to capture something like this, know how to do it and take the time to achieve it!
    ps- good to know that I am not alone in safety obcessiveness! 🙂

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