Where is my milk from?

I found this website where you can essentially find out where your dairy products come from.  It’s called “Where is my milk from?” and all you need is your dairy code to find out – that printed number that is usually next to the expiration date.  We’ve only tried it with our regular milk – from Tyler, Texas which is an 1.5 drive from here – but apparently you can do it with yogurt, ice cream, and even soy milk.  They have a section where you can find local dairies but it isn’t very good – Taylor and I know of several small dairies in Dallas that are not included on the map.  The website is a cool idea but I feel like they could definitely do a lot more with regards to how to find more local options but maybe that isn’t their objective.  Enjoy seeing where your cottage cheese comes from!



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2 responses to “Where is my milk from?

  1. lw

    Hmm. I found that same website, and I am suspicious of it. So I started looking for info about it. Which is how I stumbled onto this blog. Do you mind if I rant a bit about whereismymilkfom.com here in your space?

    First of all, whereismymilkfrom.com doesn’t tell you where milk is from, just where it is processed. (Even though it promises trace your milk back to the “udder”.) So it is useless for finding out, for example, if the milk in your cottage cheese comes from a humane, free-range dairy nearby or is smuggled in from an inhumane factory farm in Russia. All the site does is look up codes in a public FDA database called the Interstate Milk Shippers list.

    Second, the website gives no “who we are” info, other than “This website is owned and operated by an independent third party.” One can only assume that whereismymilkfrom.com is harvesting marketing data (though its Privacy page denies that it sells site visitor info), or — somewhat less nefariously — simply demonstrating a web designer’s skills.

    If the latter is true, it succeeds. The little bit of snooping I’ve done reveals that whereismymilkfrom.com is the most elegant interface to the Interstate Milk Shippers list on the whole worldwide web.

    [Exhale] I feel better now. Thanks.

    • I agree with you that the site definitely doesn’t share everything it could. While the milk was processed close to our house, where did it actually start? A good point – maybe someone will develop a similar site with more information that we are interested in. At least I finally know what that code is for!

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