We have a problem.

Do you notice the difference (besides my decrease in photo-taking skills)?  A couple weeks ago while Skyping with my parents, Luna was sitting in Taylor’s lap and my mom said “Is that a bobcat?”.  We actually think she is done growing which is why we will now address this problem.  She loves this little perch (thanks mom and dad G!) and she refuses to admit she is hanging off of it.  Even if we bought a larger one to replace it I don’t think she will like it – she is obsessed with this thing.  I think our solution is going to be an enlarged square wrapped in fabric that can fit over this one.  We’ll see what happens.  Also, I found this picture when looking for one of her on the perch.

I have no words.


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One response to “Bobcat

  1. Chris

    Oh gosh she was sooo cute as a kitten! Adorable now of course as well….but… she certainly grew bigger than any of us would have guessed.

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