Cleaning House

Taylor and I just renewed our lease at our apartment for another year.  While the idea of staying in the same place for a third year may not be that exciting, this is the longest either of us have stayed in one home since we left for college.  And that is exciting because it gets very old having to move your crap every year to a new place.

We have tried to be aware of how much stuff we’re accumulating because it becomes very easy when you stay in one place to not assess what you are actually using.  As a result, Taylor and I have made multiple trips to Goodwill to drop things off.  While some people donate stuff to be nice, we are just doing it because it’s one step above throwing it in the garbage, which is wasteful.  We have learned that once you start to make a pile of stuff to donate, it becomes very easy to find more things.  Our rule of thumb is “have we used this in the last 6 months?”  If the answer is no, we put it in the pile to donate.  If the answer is no but it is something we are really hesitant about, we leave it.  I’d rather donate it later and feel more comfortable about it then regret giving it away without fully thinking about it.  You don’t want to be that guy frantically looking through the Goodwill store for his Pokemon card collection.

Another way we have tried to re-energize the place is by rearranging our living room and guest bedroom furniture.  Now, I am not like my mom who rearranges furniture every week without any notification.  My childhood felt like a Stephen King novel – I would walk into a room and the couch would be up against the wall but when I came back 10 minutes later it would be in the middle of the room with a new slipcover.  While we would much rather move to a new place, donating stuff and rearranging furniture to make it seem “new” again is a lot less of a pain.


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