Cowboys Game

On Friday afternoon, my coworker walked up and asked what Taylor and I were doing on Saturday.  As you know, we have very busy social lives so I mumbled something about how we were thinking of putting up a curtain in our room.  He handed me two tickets and a parking pass to the preseason Cowboys versus Rams game.  So the curtain will have to wait.  Within a month of us first moving here, I was able to go to a preseason game with one of my coworkers but this was a first for Taylor.  The seats were up pretty high but that didn’t matter with the giant TV in front of us.

If you have a fear of heights or just a general fear of plummeting to your death while walking down a flight of stairs, these are not the seats for you.  The vastness of the stadium provided for ample people-watching, something that I am incapable of stopping myself from doing.  I tend to watch people and then make comments to Taylor assuming he knows exactly who I’m talking about which never works out.

Me: Oh man, that drunk lady almost dumped her whole beer on that kid.

Taylor: What?  Who?

Me: That lady 5 rows in front of us and 20 seats over.  Come on, pay attention!

He is so patient with me.



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2 responses to “Cowboys Game

  1. Katie

    I will set aside my life long hatred of the Cowboys long enough to say this: that looks like it was really cool! I bet that was a lot of fun!

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