This is what an olive tastes like

Taylor and I are not picky eaters.  Some people fully accept the fact that they don’t like a certain type of food – like an old coworker of Taylor’s that refused to eat vegetables.  Which, I don’t know how as an adult you can completely swear off an entire food group.  But not liking a food is annoying to me because it limits what I can eat when I am at a restaurant or someone’s house.  One food that has always been a problem for both of us is olives.  Since we eat mostly vegetarian it is an even bigger issue when we go out to eat because a lot of restaurants’ solution to vegetarians seems to be something with olives.

One day, Taylor and I were lamenting the fact that we didn’t like olives (I know, quite the first world problem).  I told him how I used to hate bell peppers growing up.  At some point in college I decided I was going to make myself like them because they were in everything.  Before I could begin to do that I had to accept a fact that I think people tend to forget: a food is not going to change the way it tastes to you.  I think when people don’t like a food, they will taste it again and again hoping for a different result.  Well, you won’t get one.  An anchovy is always going to taste like an anchovy.  It isn’t going to magically start tasting like cotton candy one day.  So learning to like a food is about accepting the way it tastes and getting used to that flavor.  If you only try it once a month you aren’t ever going to like it.  How can you get used to something that you only try once every 30 days?  So, back to my college story.  I bought a red bell pepper and cut it up into slices.  Every couple of day, I would grab a few slices.  Before I ate one I would say to myself, “this is what a bell pepper tastes like”.  I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous but within a couple of weeks I didn’t hate bell peppers anymore.

We decided to try this method with olives.  About a month and a half ago at the grocery store we went to the olive bar and picked out 6 olives.  That afternoon, we each ate three as we said, “this is what an olive tastes like”, while we made disgusted faces at each other.  Every week we did the same thing and now we actually look forward to picking out those 6 olives.  We’ll have to think if there is another food we want to tackle next.  I have never been a big fan of dill but I’m not sure trying to eat an herb by itself will help me.



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2 responses to “This is what an olive tastes like

  1. Katie

    I’m so proud of you guys.

  2. Ann

    ok – so now I can serve olives in things?

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