Park City, Utah

This delay in posting is a result of Taylor and I recovering from the amazing weekend we had in Park City, Utah.  I’m going to skip over anything we did related to food and save that for Friday.  I will say that it was the most I have eaten in a long time but it was all worth it.  It’s not like when I’m at the beach and I eat an entire box of Cheez-Its.  Delicious?  Yes.  The best thing I could fill my stomach with?  No.

Anyways, Park City.  A cute little ski town just outside of Salt Lake City that actually has things going on not in the wintertime.  So we land in Salt Lake and it’s immediately not like Dallas.

What are those things in the background?  Also, the weather was awesome.  I actually got cold on the first night!  I don’t even know what that means anymore.

The hotel was amazing.  We were in a three room suite with some of the other groomsmen/college friends/fraternity brothers who graciously let us have the room with the attached bath that had a bath tub with a faucet coming out of the ceiling.  I believe it was their way of saying “thank you” for putting up with the gross girl’s bathroom at the fraternity.  I will say that as cool as the bathroom was, we realized the bath tub was not practical.  Water goes everywhere as it comes out of the ceiling and splashes on the bottom of the tub.  There were also square, very shallow sinks that looked cool but when you spit toothpaste into it, it just kind of sits there.  So not only was the hotel awesome, it taught us what fancy amenities aren’t practical for our future home.  Thanks, Sky Lodge!

The whole intent of our trip was to see our friend from college, Matt, get married.  Also, Taylor, as an usher, had to ush people around.  In order to get to the awesome wedding location we had to take a ski lift.  This was less terrifying in a dress and heels than on a snowboard.

The view was spectacular.

And it was there that Matty and Peter got married.  I most definitely did not cry and use three tissues in a 15 minute period.

Then we were informed that, in order to get down, we must take the alpine slide.  Some people in dresses were not too happy about that but I figured this was probably the only time in my life that I would take a slide down a mountain in a fancy dress.

Surprisingly, that is not when my dress got dirty.  That was later when red wine was spilled on it multiple times.

Those cocktails in our hands?  They made us excellent dancers after dinner.  Matt and Peter made the entire weekend a great adventure and we were so happy to be a part of it.



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