The Mark Twain House

Taylor and I were in Connecticut this past weekend for a wedding.  Despite his family living just outside of Hartford, I haven’t really seen too much of it.  Our attempt to go to the newly renovated science museum in downtown Hartford was foiled when we showed up on Friday to be greeted by a sign that said they were cleaning all week.  That is some intense cleaning.  So Taylor and I went with his mom and sister to Mark Twain’s house just down the street.

Mark Twain did not fashion a judgmental self-portrait out of LEGOs; this was in the main lobby outside of his house.  There was some sort of police ceremony going on in the lobby area when we arrived.  I have never been arrested but something about seeing that many cops at the same time was slightly terrifying.  We left for our tour shortly after arriving, but not before Taylor’s sister touched something SHE WASN’T SUPPOSED TO TOUCH.  I waited for the cops to arrest her but it didn’t happen.  They were probably too busy eating doughnuts (HAHA GET IT?).

The house was beautiful inside and out but we were not allowed to take pictures indoors so you will have to use your imagination (or you can see other pictures here).  Some of the wallpaper was hand-painted, commissioned work to Louis Comfort Tiffany before he became famous for his lamps.  My favorite room was the library which had bookshelves along all the walls.  It was a beautiful house and only cost them $46,000 when they built it.  Price inflation has ruined everything.

At the Hartford airport on the way back, we saw a LEGO rendition of the house.  I’m beginning to think Mark Twain really loved LEGOs.

My favorite part was the message Mark Twain left from beyond the grave.

What a literary master.



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