Charcuterie and Cheese

I’m waiting for us to be invited to some sort of rewards program by Scardello because we attended another cheese class last month.  And we are signed up for another next month.  This time around it was “Charcuterie and Cheese”.  Charcuterie started out as a way to preserve meats prior to refrigeration.  I wasn’t entirely sure what this including and was kind of wary of the whole thing, expecting that we were going to spend the evening eating cold meat formed into weird molds.  But I was pleasantly surprised when we were greeted with this:

There was one pate which I was very reluctant to try but actually enjoyed because it tasted like kielbasa.  The rest were essentially different salamis, aside from the prosciutto which I would have gladly eaten many times over.  We were surprised by the variations of salami because there really aren’t too many choices in your typical supermarket.  Our favorite was probably the wild boar salami by Creminelli, based in Utah.   The wild boar actually comes from East Texas where they are hunted for population control.  We were lucky to have a couple of different salamis by Creminelli and actually had some while we were in Park City since they are based in Salt Lake City.  Taylor actually got some of their whiskey salami as part of his usher’s gift from Matt!  So we are eating that and getting drunk.

The worst part about the class was this couple that was clearly on a date sitting at our table (you have to sit at tables of 6 or 8).  Both of them ate maybe half of their plates.  How do you just leave high quality cheese and salami on your plate like that?  I don’t care if it’s your first date and you are trying to be cool, YOU EAT IT ALL.  I debated eating theirs after they got up to leave but you never know with communicable diseases.


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  1. Eric

    Alcoholic salami sounds awesome.

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