Park City or “Where I ate my weight in cheese and prosciutto”

This is slightly delayed but let’s discuss how much good food and drink we had while in Park City.  Matt and Peter had all our meals from Thursday night to Saturday night accounted for which was awesome.  A couple of highlights:

Brunch on Friday included a Bloody Mary bar and mimosas.

This is Taylor’s plate.  Yes, that is bacon in his drink.  My plate was full of cheeses and charcuterie but I ate it already.  Three plates-worth.  That afternoon we went on a tour and tasting of the High West distillery.  They make a lot of whiskeys and some vodka.  I’m  not really a whiskey drinker and quickly learned that after you take a sip, you shouldn’t open your mouth and breath in/try to talk.  That was difficult for me.

We ended up going back there the next day for a peach mule for me (made with peach vodka) and an old-fashioned for Taylor.

It was after noon by the time we left there so that made it okay.  The bartender recommended a sandwich place because we were a little peckish prior to the wedding.  We walked in and saw a giant board with 50 sandwiches.  I immediately zeroed in on the one that I would never order if I wasn’t on vacation: prosciutto, brie, lettuce, and balsamic vinaigrette.  YES PLEASE.  I allowed Taylor one bite.  It was the most difficult thing I have had to do because of marriage.

The dinner cocktail hour after the wedding included something called the “Couple’s Cocktail”.  I remember there being something fancy in it like elderflower liqueur.  It was very very strong and very very good.  Drinking three of those is also the reason I did not think to take any pictures of my amazing carrot risotto I had for dinner.

Despite my heavy intake of elderflowers, Taylor and I were hungry for breakfast the next morning.  This bagel piqued our interest and the combination of avocado and cream cheese was genius.

We only had four days to recover before we hopped back on a plane to go to Connecticut where I also had some amazing food.  It included a lobster named Johnson but that will have to wait until next week.


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