Music I’ve Been Listening To

Taylor has loaded all of our music onto a server at home that I can remote into from work.  This has been great for me to have something to listen to at work, especially albums that I may not have listened to in awhile.  I discovered Damien Rice my sophomore year of college and loved the emotion he conveyed through his songs.  His Irish accent also seemed to help.  The first song I heard was “The Blower’s Daughter”.  The use of the cello is really beautiful.

I can’t take my eyes off of you.”

Another Irishman Taylor and I discovered  while we were dating was Glen Hansard who is part of the duo The Swell Season (which was the basis of the movie Once that won an Academy Award in 2007).  They manage to create a wide range of music with just a piano and a guitar (and sometimes only use one instrument).  One of my favorites is “In These Arms”.

You are restless
I was somewhere less secure
So I went running to the road
And so now that the longest of places I was
I quit my rambling and come home
Cause maybe I was born to hold you in these arms”


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