Mystic Aquarium

While in Connecticut we went to the Mystic aquarium which was really neat because it was half outside and half inside.

They had a lot of animals which I was surprised by as Mystic is not a large town. One of the best parts of our visit happened when we first arrived and went to the beluga whale tank. Two of the whales were nipping at each other and a kid said “Oh look mommy, the whale is biting the other and playing with him!” Under my breath I said to Taylor, “You know what that biting really means”. Not too long after that an incredibly long beluga whale penis made an appearance.  All the families around us got very quiet as our entire group broke out laughing.  They were all trying to look anywhere in the tank besides the penis which was very difficult as it was very in your face.  You guys, I don’t want to live in a world where it is not okay to acknowledge that there is a beluga whale penis and that it is funny.  So I continued to laugh for a very long time.


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One response to “Mystic Aquarium

  1. Chris

    And look at that beluga face in the picture… is that a little smirk that I see??!!

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