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Wheatberry Salad

Taylor and I have made this wheatberry salad multiple times and love it. We like to imagine we are Ina and Jeffrey eating it in the Hamptons.


If you’ve never had wheatberries before, they are kind of like a nuttier and more crunchy version of brown rice. Each half cup of cooked wheatberries has 6 grams of protein. They take awhile to cook (about 45 minutes) but then you just stir everything together. You can eat it warm, at room temperature, or cold and it is good any way you choose. If I were Ina, I would turn to the camera at this point and say, “How easy is that?”.


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Heart Attack State Fair

The Texas State Fair started up this weekend and the only thing that really means to people here is fried foods.  Here are a couple of things to to look forward to this year (a more comprehensive list can be found here).

  • Deep fried jambalaya – I can guarantee you my father will be trying this when they come to visit.  I can also guarantee you he’ll be knocking back antacid afterwards.
  • Fried picnic on a stick – This is just stupid.  It has fried chicken, tater tots, and a dill pickle in one bite.  No thanks.
  • Deep fried chocolate tres leches cake – Yes please.
  • Fried mac and cheese sliders – I was behind this until the word sliders.  Stop trying to make mac and cheese something it isn’t!
  • Fried cow patty – It doesn’t even matter what this is.  When you call it a cow patty I stop listening.
  • Fried sugar – We are running out of things to fry.  It’s coming down to single components you find in a grocery store.  Other ideas : fried maple syrup, fried cream cheese, fried spaghetti sauce, fried broccoli, fried coconut milk.  These ideas are all copyrighted – there is no way you could have come up with them on your own by walking down the grocery store aisles.
  • Deep fried chicken and waffle – The Atlantian (Atlantan?) in me likes this a lot.
  • Cup of trash – Why?


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Rain Keeps Falling on My Head

We have learned that when it rains in Texas, it will do so for at least a 36-hour period.  It started raining at some point on Friday night and didn’t stop until Sunday around noon.  Our apartment already doesn’t get much light since we are on the ground floor and face a courtyard.  Combine that with the curtains we recently put up in our bedroom and the rain and you will understand why our entire weekend involved us moving around in the apartment like zombies.  More than once, one of us would go into our bedroom to get something and, five minutes later, the other person would find them inexplicably sprawled out on the bed.  Instead of waking that person up, the other person would simply join them.  About half an hour later we would say, “we should really get up”.  But by that point we would have a cat on us and you all know that YOU CAN’T DISTURB A CAT.  So many things I had to do in high school for my mother because she had “a cat in her lap”.  So many things.


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Luna’s New Perch

Taylor and I carried out Operation Get Luna a Bigger Perch this weekend.  As you may recall, this is what her 13 pound body looked like on her most beloved perch.

The top panel is held in place by a screw that goes through the middle of it into the post below.  So our first step was to go to Home Depot and get a larger piece of wood.  I wanted to add about 3 inches to each side so she wouldn’t hang off so much.

This was a little big so we had Home Depot cut it to size for us – they will do 2 cuts for free plus $1 for each additional cut.  That is a great deal for us since we have zero power tools in our apartment.  They unfortunately would not drill a hole in the middle of the board for the screw to hold it in place.  So I texted a coworker and we swung by his place to drill the hole.

We went and picked out some home decor fabric, some Velcro strips, and a piece of 1″ foam.  Taylor attached the foam to the wood with Velcro dots that I had from a previous project.  We didn’t want to permanently attach them together in case we ever needed to unscrew the wood from the post.

Next, Taylor stapled the Velcro strips along the back of the wood frame.

Meanwhile, I cut the fabric to size and sewed on Velcro strips.

Then it was assembly time.  First, we attached the board to the post.

Next, we attached the foam to the board.

Lastly, we wrapped the whole thing in fabric like an adorable present.

Doesn’t Luna looked impressed?  In fact, she was wary of the whole thing until around noon the next day when she finally got on it.

We think she’s okay with the change.


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