Rain Keeps Falling on My Head

We have learned that when it rains in Texas, it will do so for at least a 36-hour period.  It started raining at some point on Friday night and didn’t stop until Sunday around noon.  Our apartment already doesn’t get much light since we are on the ground floor and face a courtyard.  Combine that with the curtains we recently put up in our bedroom and the rain and you will understand why our entire weekend involved us moving around in the apartment like zombies.  More than once, one of us would go into our bedroom to get something and, five minutes later, the other person would find them inexplicably sprawled out on the bed.  Instead of waking that person up, the other person would simply join them.  About half an hour later we would say, “we should really get up”.  But by that point we would have a cat on us and you all know that YOU CAN’T DISTURB A CAT.  So many things I had to do in high school for my mother because she had “a cat in her lap”.  So many things.


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