Heart Attack State Fair

The Texas State Fair started up this weekend and the only thing that really means to people here is fried foods.  Here are a couple of things to to look forward to this year (a more comprehensive list can be found here).

  • Deep fried jambalaya – I can guarantee you my father will be trying this when they come to visit.  I can also guarantee you he’ll be knocking back antacid afterwards.
  • Fried picnic on a stick – This is just stupid.  It has fried chicken, tater tots, and a dill pickle in one bite.  No thanks.
  • Deep fried chocolate tres leches cake – Yes please.
  • Fried mac and cheese sliders – I was behind this until the word sliders.  Stop trying to make mac and cheese something it isn’t!
  • Fried cow patty – It doesn’t even matter what this is.  When you call it a cow patty I stop listening.
  • Fried sugar – We are running out of things to fry.  It’s coming down to single components you find in a grocery store.  Other ideas : fried maple syrup, fried cream cheese, fried spaghetti sauce, fried broccoli, fried coconut milk.  These ideas are all copyrighted – there is no way you could have come up with them on your own by walking down the grocery store aisles.
  • Deep fried chicken and waffle – The Atlantian (Atlantan?) in me likes this a lot.
  • Cup of trash – Why?


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One response to “Heart Attack State Fair

  1. Katie

    How do you deep fry jambalaya?

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