Pun in the Wrong Places

The drive from our work back to our apartment is a short one along a highway which means we get to see tons of billboards.  Too bad the ride is too short to play the Alphabet Game.  This week we noticed a new billboard for a hospital that said:

“A steady approach to Parkinson’s disease”

Seriously?  You’re going to use that adjective?  (A symptom of Parkinson’s is involuntary movement)  I think because it is not as common of a disease that the hospital thinks that they can get away with what believe is a witty pun.  Taylor and I came up with similar sayings for other medical conditions that would probably be less well-received:

“A colorful approach to blindness”

“A resounding approach to deafness”

And my favorite, by Taylor:

“A firm approach to erectile dysfunction”


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One response to “Pun in the Wrong Places

  1. Mommadimes

    He could probably ssell that last idea!

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