Count Your Poos

Every morning I glance through the local news website to make sure nothing crazy happened – like the time Big Tex caught on fire.  Yesterday an article titled “Dallas renters face eviction if they fail to pick up after pets” caught my eye because it drives me crazy when people let their dogs crap in our courtyard and don’t pick it up.  Nothing like looking out your window and seeing a Great Dane-sized poop.  In the end what I took from the article is that 1) no one sounds professional using the word “poo” and 2) math is hard sometimes:

“They’re going to go poo in the morning and the afternoon,” he said. “Here at Illume property, we have 300 dogs on site. That’s 600 poos a day. Of those, I guarantee 25 percent will not be picked up. Then we have 100 land mines all over my building.”

300 x 2 = 600       GOOD JOB

25% of 600 = 100      WRONG


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One response to “Count Your Poos

  1. Eric

    Yes, but not all poos are land mines.

    First, we assume that the article is correct because everything you read on the internet is true. It therefore follows that since 25% of 600 = 150 and the infallible internet says there will be 100 land mines, that our land mine to poo ratio is 100/150 or 66.6%.


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