Nigel turns (almost) 1

Last December we traded old TaTiburon in for Nigel, our Honda Insight.  I could go into the details of naming the cars but that’s not really the point here.  This past month we hit 10,000 miles on little Nigel.

The dashboard would definitely not pass my mom’s dust “I-can-write-my-name-in-that” test.  We have consistently gotten 50 miles to the gallon over this past year compared to the 30 we got from TaTiburon.   Buying a hybrid and only having one car has definitely saved us a ton of monies.  Maybe 8 times a month I have to take the transit line which costs a total of $32, which is way less than additional car insurance and gas.  Plus, we enjoy getting to sit together in traffic – if I can even call this traffic compared to the constant rush hour that was Atlanta.  So here’s to many more years with Nigel.


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