Clean Out the Pantry Meals

We got back from Connecticut late Friday night and woke up the next morning to an empty fridge and pantry.  Our continued turkey coma prevented us from wanting to go to the grocery store that day and I somehow managed to come up with three meals from what we had at home.  It helped clear out random leftovers and bits of food that I probably wouldn’t have used otherwise.  Here is what I made:


In the pantry/fridge: frozen black beans, chipotle Tabasco sauce (aka nectar of the gods), leftover tomato sauce from some recipe, eggs, feta cheese leftover from a salad I made for my work’s Thanksgiving potluck, and the last of some tomatillo salsa that was too small to make a chip-worthy snack

What I made: “Huevos Rancheros” – I heated up the black beans with some of the tomato and chipotle sauces, fried an egg that I put on top of the beans, then added the feta and salsa


In the pantry/fridge: 3 questionable sweet potatoes from our CSA two weeks before, frozen chickpeas, leftover coconut milk from some recipe, quinoa (we buy it in bulk so there is always some around)

What I made: I cooked the sweet potatoes in some oil with red pepper flakes and chili powder, simmered it in the coconut milk with the chickpeas, and served it over the quinoa


In the pantry/fridge: spaghetti, leftover whipping cream from Taylor’s cake, the rest of the leftover tomato sauce, sweet peppers leftover from our CSA two weeks before, frozen corn, and half an onion leftover from something

What I made: I caramelized the onions, sauteed the peppers, added some whipping cream and tomato sauce, simmered the frozen corn in the sauce, then served over the spaghetti

I am going to try about once every two weeks to do this: only allow myself to use what is in the pantry to make our meals for the day.  I might not be so lucky next time and we might be eating jelly with a spoon.


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