At What Cost?

On Sunday, Taylor and I (along with a friend) cheered on several of our friends running a half marathon.  Despite the weather being below freezing this week, it somehow managed to be over 70 degrees on Sunday.  So we rode our bikes around the course to catch them at different spots and cheer for them.  25,000 people ran the race so it became like that Wii game where you have to spot a certain face in the crowd.

mqdefaultExcept times 400000.  Because of all the lane closures, we were able to ride around downtown without the usual scary life-or-death situations.  Oh, except for the one time a car was coming the wrong way on a one way street.  That was fun.  By the time we got back home we had ridden around 10 miles which is 1000000000% more than I have ridden my bike in several months so my legs were SORE.  We met up with our running friends for brunch afterwards.  I really wanted to complain about my legs hurting but restrained myself since they had just covered more distance on their feet.  Also, I can’t mention running without sharing one of my favorite quotes from Parks and Recreation on NBC:

“Jogging is the worst, Chris! I mean, I know it keeps you healthy but God, at what cost?”



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