Old School

Continuing with the theme of who I will be seeing while in North Carolina: today I will be seeing the only two girls (Women? That makes us sound old) that I am still very close with from high school.

118_546629028908_3551_nThis picture isn’t even from high school – it’s early college (because I’m from the Dark Ages, all pictures I have of us in high school are not digital).  Since this picture was taken:

  • All graduated from college – two went to graduate school
  • All got married (and were in each other’s weddings)
  • All moved to new cities but only one jerk keeps living outside the state of North Carolina
  • All started a career and one started a new career after that
  • One had a baby
  • One bought a house

If you had told us at the Melting Pot what would be happening in the next 6 years I think we would have laughed.  Time moves quickly and things change before you realize it.  On another note, I found this picture from my 21st birthday and it made me giggle.


Ruth, I still remember that I lent that shirt to you and then it was never to be found again.  I KNOW you took it back with you to North Carolina!



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2 responses to “Old School

  1. Actually, it is in my closet right now. You can have it back. 🙂

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