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One Year?!?

A year ago today, Taylor and I arrived in Dallas.  We had a potted plant, our summer clothes, and whatever else could fit in our 2 door car – so, not much.  Everything else wasn’t coming for 5 days – I think we regretted telling the movers we were okay with that once we got here and had to buy an air mattress and cheap sheets to hold us over.  We accomplished a lot in those 5 days – got our driver’s licenses (the DMV is what hell will be like – sitting in a sweltering room with 50 other people for 5 hours watching court TV), Taylor signed some work papers, I prepared myself for having less than 24 hours to find my work clothes once the movers arrived, and we watched many episodes of The Office – one of the few DVDs we had – as stealing our neighbors internet proved to be unsuccessful.  But that was only 5 days!  Here is a quick recap of what happened over the past year:

I started my first job out of school and will be celebrating my one year anniversary on Monday.

Taylor started a teaching position, quit at the end of the year (3000 students all in 11th and 12th grade is as terrible as you think), and was hired at a much cooler school – they have PEACOCKS – starting next month.

We went to the State Fair where Taylor had a corndog and we passed on the fried frito pies, fried beer, and fried margaritas.  I was adventurous and had a root beer.

I went to a Cowboys football game and we went to a Yankees / Rangers game  (there were more Yankees fans).

We went to Austin and realized it’s way cooler than Dallas.  One of my coworkers said someone told him Athens, Georgia is like Austin.  I vomited.

We began riding our bikes including a 30 mile bike ride in Italy, Texas.  I was incredibly slow and was passed by pretty much everyone including a man that had 1 arm and a false leg.  I am not exaggerating.

Very recently we got a kitten named Luna.  We have found that she is as crazy as her namesake.

There have been many other occurrences but let’s look to the future.  To commemorate our 1 year anniversary of being here in Texas we are actually going to keep up this blog – we heard the first three posts weren’t enough to hold you over.  We have topics for every day of the week so you’ll have to come back tomorrow!



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Snow Days

After 6 months of discussion this blog of ours has finally come to fruition.  And it is all thanks to the ice and snow storm we had this week – Taylor has been at home for 5 consecutive days since school has been closed and I have worked from home all days but one.  The Super Bowl is tomorrow and Jerry Jones has commandeered all the snow plows for himself.  In short, we have run out of things to do in our apartment so we are finally creating this blog.

Our apartment faces a courtyard that looked quite beautiful yesterday morning right after the snowfall.

Pretty Courtyard

Unfortunately this pristine snow was marred by all the people in our apartment complex including:

1. French students that started out with a playful snowball fight and ended with a petite French girl slapping a French boy and calling him “un enfant” after he smashed an epic snowball in her face.

2. Why is it that when you want a dog it seems like everyone else has one?  Every single resident in our building brought their dog out to romp in the snow and take pictures.  There are 6 courtyards in our apartment but they all seem to want to come into ours to rub it in our faces.  Especially that Great Dane.

3. But the best of all was this:

No caption could capture the essence of this picture

This man must really love this woman.  Yes he is wearing a moose hat.  And yes that is a hairless cat he is holding (who is wearing a sweater that you unfortunately can’t see at this angle).  The cat was absolutely livid for numerous reasons probably including the eager dog you can see in the top right corner of the picture.  I unfortunately did not get a picture of when the woman was holding the cat and LAYING DOWN IN THE SNOW.  A ground floor apartment has truly offered us views we could never have dreamed of.

God Bless Texas.


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