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Eat Your Vegetables

We went out to visit Eden’s Organic Farm today to see if we wanted to purchase a share of their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  If you’re unfamiliar with how a CSA works you essentially purchase a share of the produce that will be generated that season upfront and you go pick up your fruits and veggies each week either at the farm or a nearby pickup site.  This particular farm is only about 15 miles from downtown Dallas and we’d be able to pick up at a site that’s only a few miles away.  We arrived just a few minutes early and were greeted by these little guys:

Some Roosters!

They’ve got a few critters on the farm but none for eating; just working.  Unfortunately the cold weather and snow/ice we received last week killed off about 90% of their crop for the winter season so we’re not going to be buying a share right now.  It was inspiring though for being able to grow our own food once we have the land to do so.

Some other things of note from the trip.  If you saw a few of these beasts roaming around would your first instinct be to walk your 5 year old kid right up behind it?

Iron Hoofed Killing Machine

If so you surely would have fit in well with the crowd there today.  It wouldn’t have surprised me if this beauty decided to let loose on a small child.  There were 8 children out there today of which 7 were boys under the age of 8.  I don’t remember being so destructive as a youth however these children were very satisfied with kicking the crap out of pile of ice for about 10 minutes straight and then pelting the roosters with chicken feed.  It made me happy to hear that some of the only crops that survived the freeze were spinach, brussel sprouts, and diakon radishes.  All things that these kids would probably love to throw rather than eat.  I don’t condone children on a leash but come on people! Keep your kids from killing the wildlife.


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